Sand Lake Center for the Arts
by David Auburn
Directed by Sky Vogel

June 8 & 10, 7-9pm

Production Dates: October 2 - 11, 2015

Life is, at its most basic, a series of problems, puzzles, equations to be worked through. And in a sad irony, it’s often the most adept minds that have been the most incapable of finding their solutions. If anything like a solution has ever existed in the first place.

On the eve of her 25th birthday, Catherine, a withdrawn, troubled woman, is facing challenges coming at her all too fast and fierce: The abrupt end of her role as caretaker to her once brilliant but lately mentally-unstable father. The insistent help and unwanted guidance offered by her estranged sister. The determined attention of a former student of her father’s, his loyalties not necessarily benign.

Along with these comes the sudden appearance of a notebook, its pages filled with scribblings that may illuminate a way forward, or reveal instead that there’s only darkness, and emptiness, ahead.

Character Breakdown
CATHERINE (20-25) Smart, vulnerable, funny, sad. She is innately optimistic but has grown tired and lost. Gifted, but has sacrificed years of her prime to care for her father:
ROBERT (50s-60s) Gentle, genial, deliberate, giving. A proud man, once a world-renowned mathematician and teacher, he is descending into dementia. His other child is:
CLAIRE (29) Brisk, polished, charming, no-nonsense. A Type-A Manhattan financial analyst, living with some regret at what and who she’s neglected along her way.
HAL (23-28) Intellectual, casual, guileful, self-effacing. Former Ph.D. student of Robert’s, now in a teaching career and facing a life he expects will be unexceptional.

Winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Tony Award for Best Play, and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Best Play.
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