Sand Lake Center for the Arts

January 1 – February 15

Debbie Park-Boussu & James Mise - Pastels & Oils
Debbie is well known to the area as a fine painter and as an artistic mover and shaker. The founding member of the East Bank Arts Alliance, a member of the Colonie Artists League, and member of the Adirondack Pastel Society, Debbie has been involved as an artist and a gallery owner for a number of years. Debbie says ”Having lived in a variety of locations across the U.S., I've studied at various colleges and technical schools. Using several different mediums, I've often returned to oils as a favorite and am also painting with soft pastels. Albert Handel, Tom Lynch, Hal Larsen, each gave me precious jewels from their creative bag of tricks,…”
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James Mise, on the other hand, is a relatively new artist, both to the immediate capital district and to painting in particular. James says of himself “ I am primarily a Pastel Artist. I love doing Still Life, Landscape and Animal paintings. I am currently practicing in both Pastel and Oils. The two mediums are very similar with the way a painting is constructed so the ease into Oils is only natural. In Pastels, I love the grit of the paper and the direct intimacy of placing the pastel on the paper. Pastel is a dry medium so you can come back to the painting whenever a creative sparks hits you. In Oils, I love the mixing of the colors to get what you need and the way it feels holding the brush as you apply paint to the canvas. I love creating light in my paintings. The way that light can guide the eye in the painting and give form to objects is a real joy in creating my paintings .”
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Come experience the beauty captured by two artists at different points in their careers.
Reception: February 6 from 1 - 3pm

Another World - D. Park-Boussu

Green Delicious - J. Mise

February 16 – March 31

Averill Park Central School District Student Show - Mixed Media
Once again, we present the work of all the grades of the art programs in the APCSD. This show is always greatly attended as it illustrates some of the great artistic talent of the students in our area. It is a showcase for the students and for the dedicated work done by the art faculty in the schools.
Reception: TBD

April 1 – May 15

East Bank Arts Alliance - Group Show
Reception: TBD

May 16 – June 30

Linda Ford - Photographs
Reception: TBD

July 1 – August 15

Jeff Wigman - Oils
Reception: TBD

August 16 – September 30

The ARC - Group Show
Reception: TBD

October 1 - November 15

Holiday Art Fair Artists

Our very popular Holiday Art Fair continues this year! It is always a great place for holiday gift buying. Many area artists will present a wide array of artistic offerings including painting, sculpture, photographs, jewelry, pottery and glass work, textile art, and “wearable” art.
Holiday Art Fair: TBD

November 16 - December 31

Phoebe Choi - Illustration
Reception: TBD

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